General Information About Mykonos

Mykonos Island constitutes a geographic complex with Delos, Renia and some rocky islands. Mykonos is inhabited since the 5th millenary B.C. After the 1950’s Mykonos is one of the most famous tourist islands in Mediterranean.

Mykonos town, also called Chora, impresses and enhances the visitor from the first time, because of the nice narrow streets, the size and the architecture. The snow-white and cube-shaped Mykonian houses are shining in the sun light in the alleys with the whitened pavements. Not far away, over the short hill, stand the windmills. That in combination with the red cupola and the campaniles of the innumerable churches compose a really beautiful scenery.

The conservation of the traditional Cycladic architecture in the newer buildings ensures an harmonic percept to Mykonos.

The fame of the island and the great number of visitors, have also created a respective commercial motion, which made the Mykonian market famous. At the cafes, bars and restaurants of Mykonos everybody can drink a coffee, ouzo and taste lots of traditional flavours. Mykonos Town is also ideal for someone who wants to discover the whole Mykonos and its beautiful beaches.

See below a list of sights worth to visit.

Little Venice, Mykonos

Mykonos Museums

Below we suggest you some sights that, depending on your time, we think it is worth visiting during your stay in our Island.

• The Archeological museum, situated over the port. You can see a representing collection of cycladic ceramics.

• The Maritime Museum at the center of Mykonos Town with a variety of boat and ship models.

• The Paraportiani church at Kastro area. The church got the name from “paraporti”, a little gate on the old wall of the castle of Mykonos. The building’s architecture is unique and is part of a 5 church complex that are connected with each other and facing the four points of the horizon.

• The Folklore Museum at Kastro area

• The Agricultural Museum, or Boni’s windmill at the upper windmills

Lena’s House, a house of the 19th century, part of the Folklore Museum collection.

• The lower Windmills, at the southern area of the city, next to the sea that will surely impress every visitor with their pure white building in a row that are facing the sea.

• The Monastery of Panagia Tourliani, situated in Ano Mera will impress you with its great simlicity.